Promotional Activities – CVH Handu-Gujraan Lahore

As part of promotional activities, Izfaar Pharmaceuticals participated in informative session at the Civil Veterinary Hospital Handu Gujraan Lahore. The session featured product briefings by our esteemed Product Manager, Kamran Abid, and our Area Sales Manager, Nasrullah Hashmi. Attendees included veterinary officers and veterinary assistants, who actively participated in the event.

During the session, PM Kamran Abid and ASM Nasrullah Hashmi provided insightful glimpses into our diverse range of products and solutions aimed at enhancing animal health and welfare. They discussed the efficacy, safety, and benefits of our pharmaceuticals, feed additives, and healthcare products, emphasizing their role in improving livestock productivity and overall well-being.

The interactive nature of the session allowed attendees to engage with our experts, ask questions, and gain valuable knowledge and insights into our products. Through this initiative, Izfaar Pharmaceuticals aimed to educate and empower veterinary professionals, equipping them with the information and tools necessary to provide optimal care for livestock.

Moreover, the promotional activities served as a platform for networking and collaboration, fostering connections between Izfaar Pharmaceuticals and key stakeholders in the veterinary field. By strengthening these relationships, we aim to further our mission of supporting the growth and development of the agriculture sector in Pakistan.

Overall, the product briefing session & promotional activity at the Civil Veterinary Hospital Handu Gujraan Lahore was a success, showcasing our commitment to providing innovative solutions and superior customer service. We are grateful for the opportunity to engage with veterinary professionals and look forward to continuing our efforts to advance animal health and welfare in the region.

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