Production Department:

The Production Department at Izfaar Pharmaceuticals manufactures high-quality veterinary medicines, vital to our operations. Our production facilities, which include several specialized sections such as Veterinary Injection (General and Antibiotics), Veterinary Oral Liquid (General and Antibiotics), and Veterinary Oral Powder (General and Antibiotics), rigorously adhere to quality standards at every step. Skilled personnel oversee each stage of the manufacturing process, from formulation to packaging, ensuring the integrity and efficacy of our high quality products. Our commitment is clear because we are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and implement stringent quality control measures to produce safe and effective veterinary medicines that cater to our customers’ needs and enhance the health and well-being of animals globally.

Production Department

The Production Department comprises four sections dedicated to manufacturing veterinary medicines:

  • Veterinary Injection Section (General)
  • Veterinary Injection Section (General Antibiotics)
  • Veterinary Oral Liquid Section (General & General Antibiotics)
  • Veterinary Oral Powder Section (General & General Antibiotics)

Veterinary Injection Section (General):

Skilled personnel oversee this section, focusing on producing general veterinary injections to meet various animal healthcare needs. They ensure the quality and efficacy of the injections because their expertise is crucial in maintaining standards.

Veterinary Injection Section (General Antibiotics):

Specialized attention is given to the production of veterinary injections containing antibiotics here because it ensures the quality and efficacy of the products. Stringent protocols are followed to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination during the manufacturing process.

Veterinary Oral Liquid Section (General & General Antibiotics):

This section is responsible for producing both general and antibiotic-containing veterinary oral liquids. State-of-the-art equipment is used to accurately measure and mix ingredients, resulting in high-quality oral solutions for animal health.

Veterinary Oral Powder Section (General & General Antibiotics):

This section manufactures veterinary oral powders to address a wide range of animal health issues. Implementing strict quality control measures ensures the safety and effectiveness of the oral powders before release into the market.

Each section of the Production Department, operating under strict quality assurance guidelines, upholds the highest standards of manufacturing practices. We continuously monitor and evaluate production processes to identify areas for improvement and enhancing efficiency.

With a commitment to supporting animal health worldwide, Izfaar Pharmaceuticals offers a comprehensive range of veterinary medicines. Our dedicated Production Department plays a vital role in this mission. It consistently delivers high-quality products to meet diverse customer needs.